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From Frazzled to Flow

Whilst I love those crispy bacon-flavour snacks (can you still buy them?) I certainly didn’t like the feeling of being frazzled.

For me it was such a gradual process. I thought I had a real awareness of my own mental state. I could see the different elements I was experiencing - overwhelm, constantly tired, inability to focus, always crying - and attribute different reasons for each of them - pandemic, end of term, beginning of term, moving, illness, menopause….the list went on. I was justifying how I was feeling by an external "cause".

But in reality I couldn’t see the big picture. The whole situation. I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid. I was cancelling time with friends to catch up on work. I needed help but couldn’t admit to needing help.

I was feeling FRAZZLED.

This was a year ago. Today I couldn’t feel more different. I wake up with energy, excitement, enthusiasm.

I’m moving towards FLOW.

The shift has not been easy and there have certainly been doubts along the way

What do I think made the difference?

👉 Acceptance - I needed to accept that this was happening and to deal with the reality. I had amazing support, both professionally and personally, but I needed to bring a level of vulnerability to recognise where I was

👉 Coaching - I have been fortunate to have had some brilliant coaching, both now and in the past, to help me see that light at the end of the tunnel and break through some of the limiting beliefs I had built up.

👉 Talents - I discovered my talents by taking an assessment (shameless plug for Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment but there are others available) and am developing them daily. This was my “A-HA” moment. I am working with my strengths rather than against them, recognising what brings me energy and how I can accomplish the things I want the way I want to do them.

These were my game-changers. Today I feel amazing.

How do you feel today? Are you feeling frazzled or in flow?

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