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How can strength-based coaching improve wellbeing?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Wellbeing and thriving

Wellbeing has become a buzz word of our time, but what does it mean?

According to Gallup there are 5 common elements that we need to address when thinking about wellbeing - work, financial community, relationships and physical. If you are happy with each of these elements you are said to have positive wellbeing, you are thriving.


At times, one or more of these elements needs attention. You might be struggling to make ends meet in these current times of rising cost of living. You may be recovering from a broken relationship. There may be a disconnect between you work and life balance, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of direction in your career.

Investing in coaching

Investing in coaching enables you to prioritise your wellbeing and dedicate time to evoking awareness of your current reality, and moving forward to create positive action to make change in your life. Delving deep into what is stopping you achieving what you desire enables you to uncover limiting beliefs and begin to set goals and work towards them. A coach will support you and help you create accountability for your actions.

Know your Strengths

Strengths-based coaching focuses on what it good about you. A coach will help you discover your innate talents so that you recognise how to get stuff done with more enjoyment and ease, leaving you feeling energised and motivated.

Are you ready to improve your wellbeing?

Discover your unique strengths and how to utilize them when working towards your goals by booking a "Know Your Strengths" coaching package.


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